Copywriter. Banjo guy.


I write words good.


Like God, my father created man. That man was me, Lait. Yes Lait is my real name, it’s of the family variety and means milk in french. The son of an Irish father and Jewish mother I grew up as a Jewish wasp which is inherently confusing, but so far things are looking up.

My dad is older than most of my friends' dads, which means I had to watch a lot of old movies growing up that I hated at the time, but turned out were classics. Same with music, I wanted to listen to Baha Men but instead was inundated with the Rat pack and showtunes. Listening to good music made me want to make some. So I got a drumset and started beating. When I got tired of being “the drummer”, I bought a banjo and have been playing it adequately ever since.

Unable to break out in music, I found another passion at the University of Texas in the Texas Creative Program. And despite a varied professional past as a curb painter, financial compliance officer, and ankle bracelet monitoring technician; copywriting is the thing that has scratched my professional itch. If you have an interest in helping me scratch that itch, let’s talk backscratchers.